Papworth Hospital ECMO Course - Faculty & Staff

To provide a thorough understanding of ECMO, the course faculty is made up of our expert multidisciplinary ECMO team including:

Course Directors

Dr Alain Vuylsteke

Dr Alain Vuylsteke, Consultant Intensivist
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Joanne Fowles

Jo-anne Fowles, Lead ECMO Nurse

Course Faculty

Dr Bobby Agrawal

Dr Bobby Agrawal, Consultant Radiologist
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Dr Martin Besser

Dr Martin Besser, Haematologist

Revd Jeremy Caddick

Revd Jeremy Caddick, Dean and Director of Studies in Theology,
Emmanual College Cambridge University

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Mr David Jenkins

Mr David Jenkins, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon
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Dr Ruth Kappeler

Dr Ruth Kappeler, Consultant Microbiologist
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Graeme Nias

Graeme Nias, Perfusionist

Dr Antonio Rubino

Dr Antonio Rubino, Consultant Anaesthetist
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Dr Kamen Valchanov

Dr Kamen Valchanov, Consultant Anaesthetist
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